Karla Mertens studied jewellery design and precious metalsmithing at the Saint Lucas Pavilion in Antwerp through 1988.

She has worked in the jewellery store of her parents for ten years and in the meantime already began to design her own collection.
In 1996 she started her own business in the centre of Leuven where her workshop is also situated. In 2003 she participated in the international trade fair Inhorgenta in Munich where she had an exhibition stand in the designer hall. She has since evolved from a jewellery designer into a skillful creator of symbolic and energetic art jewellery, also called “energy jewellery”.

Her inspiration originates in ancient cultures, alternative healing, life and death, grace and transformation. Her creations emphasize the harmony between the geometry, the handcraft and soldering, the purity of the metal and the gemstone. When designing a personalised creation, she will initially take the necessary time for a good conversation and make a sketch of the geometric shape as a support together with the right metal and crystal.

Karla Mertens continues to research, evolve and immerse herself in her great passion for crystals, sacral geometry and alchemy, both on a scientific, artistic and energetic level. Her jewellery can serve as ritual objects.



Karla is the driving force behind the business. Through her many travels she continuously gathers new inspiration that she incorporates into her collection in her own distinctive style. Her unbounded enthusiasm for gemstones will become very obvious when you visit her store and workshop. A personalised jewellery design can be discussed at a previously set appointment with her.  



Karen was raised at a parental home where gold fever runs in the blood. In 1996 she graduated from an academy in Antwerp as a watchmaker-goldsmith. Since 2009 she has been a golden asset for our workshop.   

She contributes to the new creations of Karla and is also responsible for the repairs and transformations of your jewellery.

Her broad experience enables her to provide our customers with the perfect advice.



Muriel is our administrative and communicative force, working behind the scenes to make sure the shop and our daily business run like a well-oiled machine. She also demonstrates to our customers her passion for accessories and handcraft. In her own authentic way, she succeeds in  helping customers choose just the jewellery they're looking for. 


Karla Mertens officieel erkend als Ambachtsvrouw

Ambachtsman/-vrouw  is een wettelijke erkenning als ambachtsman door de Commissie Ambachtslieden van de FOD Economie (wet van 19 maart 2014).

Vooral het authentieke karakter van uw activiteit, het manuele aspect handenarbeid en de knowhow van de ambachtsman zijn bepalend voor de toekenning van deze erkenning

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